In most circumstances, the definition of infertility is failure of conception after regular intercourse over a consecutive one year period. In select cases i.e. advanced maternal age, a work-up may be warranted as soon as 6 months.

Diagnosis and treatment can be emotionally and financially costly. We are here to support you as you build your family. At South Orange OBGYN, we offer preconception counseling and basic infertility.
See also... Evaluating Infertility
See also... Treating Infertility

Preconception Counseling: An initial consultation including history and physical. We will review your menstrual cycle, your conception history, any medical problems you may have, and your goals of treatment. Often times we check your hormone levels and sometimes perform an ultrasound. We offer...

  • Prenatal Vitamins
  • Prenatal Counseling
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Counseling for Timed Intercourse
  • Ovulation Prediction
  • Semen Analysis – sometimes further assessment is necessary




Clomid Induction and Ovulation – (particularly for our patients suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Medical Treatment: If you have difficulty ovulating i.e. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, we may recommend a clomid cycle(s).

Surgical Treatment – (particularly for our patients suffering from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)

  • If you have a history of abnormal vaginal bleeding, we may recommend a pelvic ultrasound or sonohysterogram to evaluate for polyps and fibroids which may be interfering with your fertility goals. These may need to be removed prior to attempting conception and our doctors can provide that service for you.
  • If you have a history of pelvic inflammatory disease, we may recommend either of the following:
    • A hysterosalpingogram – an imaging study in which dye is injected vaginally into the cervix and an xray is taken of your pelvis to assess the patency of the fallopian tubes.
    • A chromopertubation – a test done during an operative laparoscopy in which dye is injected vaginally into the cervix and Dr. Dresdner can assess the patency of the fallopian tubes whilst lysing scar tissue, etc.