Gynecological Procedures in the Comfort of the Office

Dr. Dresdner offers some procedures from the comfort of the office because we recognize how important it can be to treat you in a familiar setting. The procedures we perform in the office are...

To look for gynecological pathology and to help guide the practitioners in your treatment plan.
See also... Ultrasound Exams

To diagnose problems such as stress or urge incontinence, as well as overactive bladder. We have skilled technicians who perform these diagnostics as well as offer suggestions for treatment.

A six-session program offered on Tuesdays which includes muscle strengthening, electrode stimulation, and exercises to help strengthen the pelvic floor and conservatively manage urinary incontinence.

A procedure in which a pipelle is used to gently extract some cells from the inside lining of the uterus. This is performed when women have heavy or abnormal uterine bleeding. No incisions are made during this procedure.

A special ultrasound performed transvaginally in which saline is injected through a pipelle into the uterus. This is performed when women have heavy or abnormal uterine bleeding. It helps us to diagnose fibroids and polyps. No incisions are made during this procedure.
See also... Sonohysterography

This procedure requires general anesthesia. A 15 minute procedure that can help minimize or even stop your menses. The lining of the uterus (endometrium) is cauterized/burned. Only available for patients who have completed childbearing and lack abnormal endometrial cells. This may be an alternative to hysterectomy. Our office performs NovaSure Endometrial Ablations.
See also... Endometrial Ablation
See also... Novasure

A special microscope used to guide the practitioners in performing a cervical biopsy after an abnormal Pap smear result.
See also... Colposcopy

A three minute procedure which freezes abnormal cervical cells. We also perform cryosurgery to help eliminate genital or other warts.

Skin biopsies are also performed as needed in our office.

Small abscesses or collections can be removed as needed in our office.